Lying, cheating and stealing, oh my!

Three years ago, we attended my uncle’s funeral in Canada.  My son, then 13, liked the pillows at the hotel.

“Mom, can I take this pillow home?”


“Why? I really like it.”

“I don’t care if you like it. That’s stealing and it’s not okay.”

Back home a week later, I discovered a hotel pillow on my son’s bed.”

“You do understand that you broke 2 rules?”


“1. You stole.  2. You disobeyed a direct order from your mother. Two rules and here are the consequences: You will mail the pillow back to the hotel in Canada at your own expense.  The pillow will be accompanied by a letter to the manager in which you explain what you did and ask for forgiveness, and you lose this week’s allowance.”

For the record, mailing a pillow back to Canada cost him nearly $25 and, with the loss of allowance, he was out almost $50–no small chunk of change especially for a 13 year old.  The letter was written and the penance was done and Daniel Mullen, International Pillow Thief, learned his lesson: decent, moral, civilized people do not lie, cheat and steal.

And they don’t get to keep the spoils.

Which leads us to Hillary Clinton, the DNC and Wikileaks.  What was suspected all through the primary turns out to be true: the DNC lied, cheated and stole the election for Hillary
Clinton.  And they are keeping the spoils.  That’s the part that galls me. Where are the consequences?  She remains the nominee and the party is going on.

Last night there were 2 opening receptions: one for the Michigan delegation, and the larger one for the entire DNC later in the evening.  They both were lovely affairs.  People were mingling and laughing and chatting and Oh my!  How can this be happening?  As I mingled, laughed and chatted with some truly lovely people, there was a part of me that wanted to scream: Stop it!  Just stop pretending that any of this is okay.  It is not.  Millions of people all over the country spent countless hours and countable dollars fighting for a candidate whose integrity has been beyond reproach and whose vision is just and beautiful.  How can this corruption be allowed to stand?

The ONLY argument I hear for supporting Hillary is “We have to beat Trump.”  That’s it? That’s all you’ve got.  That’s a pretty damn low bar and she is barely getting over it.

If she is coronated this week–she was NOT elected–and “wins”the Presidency in November she will do so with no integrity and that is something to fear indeed.

Where is everybody’s mother?  Where are the moral outrage and the consequences for lying. cheating and stealing her way to the nomination?  to the Presidency?

Return it.  You don’t get to keep the pillow.

Author: delegatechronicle

A pledged delegate for Bernie Sanders from Michigan's 11th Congressional District. This is the journey.

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