Anxiety eve…

Yoga did not help.  Downward dog–is he going to endorse?  Up dog–no way. We’ve worked so hard and the convention is in 2 weeks.  Down dog–but what about this meeting tomorrow?  Cat and cow–yes and no.  What the hell is going on?  No, I am not feeling the namaste tonight.

Rumors are flying; speculation is rampant and all anybody knows for sure is that we know nothing for sure.  Over the weekend the platform committee met and the end was a disaster.  My fellow Michigander, Lena Thompson, posted a Facebook Live rant to the delegation late on Saturday night(Lena’s post).  She both confused and frightened me.  She was angry, confused, felt betrayed and exhausted.  What the hell happened?  I saw the full video (“Unity Amendment” video) the next day:  the HRC camp had substituted language into the final amendment that pretty much declared HRC not just the nominee but the president.  It went on to thank Senator Sanders and his supporters for their tremendous effort.  What. The…F?

Today rumors are flying and all we know is that Bernie and HRC will be appearing together tomorrow at a rally in New Hampshire.  Please God, let him not endorse.  If he does, what was all this for?

Screenshot 2016-07-11 20.10.05

I will be FURIOUS if Bernie endorses HRC and doesn’t take this all the way to the convention.  I–WE–have spent countless hours and countless dollars to take it this far and it better not be over now.  Why the hell should any of us waste our time and money going to Philadelphia if he endorses her?  I feel sick and anxious and angry and I am praying that it will not be true.

And what about the people who elected me?  As far as I’m concerned I’m still pledged and it still is my job to go to the convention and VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS and I have every intention of doing that.  If he does endorse, I still will do it, but it will be with a heavy heart.  How many more betrayals can we stand?

I stand with Bernie; please God, let him still stand with me.

Author: delegatechronicle

A pledged delegate for Bernie Sanders from Michigan's 11th Congressional District. This is the journey.

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